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  level Tieguanyin
Company Name: Yongchun bergamot tea net 
Published: 2008Year11months23Days
Nature business: Foreign-invested enterprises
Business model: Government agencies
Location: Anxi County, Fujian Province, Quanzhou
Corporate: Yongchun
Member level:
Trade area: China, Japan, South Korea, the
Current price: 1200CNY/500g
Reminder: Recommended Bao pay and sellers to trade, security, cargo security。
No:TGYT-1Origin:Anxi County, Fujian Province, Quanzhou

A brief description:Appearance:Fat,ound end
Color: green run, clear green sand 


  Aroma: Shannon High-lasting 
Taste: GAO Xianchun, obvious music 
Liquor color: bright golden 
Securinega: hypertrophy of soft light, neat and well-spaced, long high-Yu Xiang 
The quality of description: 
Smelling: Tieguanyin subsection of the autumn full flavor, aroma and lasting fragrance, the smell of refreshing, like the aroma of the public. 
Taste: music obviously Xianchun refreshing; a small sip and let the tea oral rolling back and forth, feeling Tieguanyin unique scent of orchids echoed in the mouth (back strong Gan). 
Liquor color: gold, bright and clear. 
Securinega: hypertrophy of soft light, the leaves evenly, Yu Xiang. 
Location: the public's favorite Tieguanyin tea.


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