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  level Gold Gui
Company Name: Yongchun bergamot tea net 
Published: 2008Year11months23Days
Nature business: Foreign-invested enterprises
Business model: Government agencies
Location: Yongchun County, Fujian Province, Quanzhou
Corporate: Yongchun
Member level:
Trade area: China, Japan, South Korea, the
Current price: 120CNY/500g
Reminder: Recommended Bao pay and sellers to trade, security, cargo security。
No:GTS-GG1Origin:Yongchun County, Fujian Province, Quanzhou

A brief description:Shape: a sharp slender cord Soe, a little relaxation, the buoyant body, yellow-green Securinega


  Huang Gui Gold: also known as Dan. Luo Yan originating in Anxi. For the small-tree plant. For elliptic leaf, thin blade, a high germination rate. Green buds, less cents. High yield, suitable for the production of tea, right-red, green tea. "Gold Gui", "Second-qi", that form the "yellow uniform, fine," ER "Qi Hong, fresh." Cha Ying products be tight, bright golden color run. Xianshuang elegant aroma, flavor, slightly sweet-scented osmanthus, Securinega central green, red edge, are renowned for their "smell a fragrance knowledge Huang Dan," is well known.
Aroma: high fragrance, elegant strange 
Taste: there are back to Gan, refreshing taste 
Save: sealed in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Sealed or stored in cold storage freezer to maintain freshness (Note: to ensure the tightness of tea, the cabinet can not be kept at the same time there is smell of goods), temperature of 5 degrees better


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